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"1st time i have been in a gun shop. Very knowledgeable about weapons. didn't make me feel dumb. I bought a glock!"

Stola K.

Holland, IN

"This is your one stop shop for everything guns! Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Prices and customer service is 2nd to NONE! I highly reccomend doing business here as I have for over 15 years!"

Mark G.

Holland, IN

"Thanks for the excellent service! Very clean, neat, and professional. Great inventory."

Joseph K.

Holland, IN

"They mounted a scope and laser sighted it for no charge professionally done very short waiting time would recommend."

Gary G.

Holland, IN

"Great place, love my Henry rifle I Bought there"

Scott B.

Holland, IN

"Immense selection of guns, from handguns, to shotguns & high powered rifles. Great prices on new & used guns, also they have a shooting range right out back. At the time I was there 09/02/16 the price was $10 for your first day there, plus you can rent a gun you are interested In buying for $10 too. Heck of a deal. Ammunition prices were right on the mark & the staff was friendly and answered questions like the pros that are. "

DV Steel

Holland, IN

"You won't find a better gun store! There prices are unbeatable and it's family owed so service is impeccable!"

Jonathan S.

Holland, IN

"Reloading supplies are tangible and ammo is always in Stock. Class 3 dealer as well. Wide selection of weapons. Staff are on point. Ask for John. "

B Miller

Holland, IN